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At The Catholic Connect Foundation our mission is simple, to aid those most in need and to help support those people who are often forgotten. We help raise awareness about certain immediate needs and make sure all funds we give are put to good use. That is why we are committed to only support organizations and individuals we heavily vet.

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Choose what initiatives you would like to support. Our charitable and humanitarian projects support priests, nuns, and organizations that help further our mission. Join us and make an impact today.

Feeding Projects

Learn More About Feeding The Poor Fund

Chicken Farms

The feeding projects we support many times try to achieve optimal sustainability so they can keep growing and sustaining their communities for the long-term.

Sustainable Growth

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Supporting Orphanages

We help support multiple orphanages across the globe and we are open to receiving requests from more orphanages.

Supporting Children

Not all of our feeding the poor fund goes to orphanages. Some projects consist of helping buy food for organizations to keep feeding their youth.

Emergency Relief Fund

Learn More About Who The Emergency Relief Fund Support

Church Attacks

Our emergency relief fund has supported and will keep supporting churches who are attacked or people who are injured during attacks on churches across the globe.

Natural Disasters

We will keep providing assistance for those most in need while hit by natural disasters. Many times, communities flood and families have a hard time getting by, we want to be there for them.

Medical Emergencies

Whether it is a baby in need, an orphan, a child, or adults that experience unexpected medical emergencies, we want to be there for them and provide assistance to them and their families.

Family Emergenices

We have helped children that unexpectedly lose their parents and provided support for the family members that support those children. We continue to be open to helping more families in emergency situations.


"Thank you so much my brothers and sisters for the money. You are a blessing to our Children in Uganda. Many blessings to this ministry!"
Fr. Deus
Catholic Priest Serving The Poor In Uganda Through His Orphanage
"Kindly convey my sincere gratitude to all those who contributed towards this fund [to help the families of the deceased] by the senseless attack on Easter Sunday."
Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith
Metropolitan Archbishop of Colombo
"May the Lord bless your wonderful work — may He bless your many donors. Sincerely in our Lord"
Bishop Graham Rose
Bishop Of The Diocese Of Dundee In South Africa

Why Choose Our Charity


We vet each applicant of our grants. That way our donors know their donation is creating the maximum positive impact. We love helping people and organizations that make a long lasting impact.


We love seeing projects that show a sustainable way for growth whether it is through growing an audience for educational efforts or supporting orphanages that create a sustainable food source.

Maximum Impact

Whatever project we end up supporting, we will ensure that it will have maximum impact whether it is content to educate people or money to fund childrens's education.

Immediate Need

We prioritize projects that need emergency funds to continue their good work. Many times these projects focus on serving children that are hungry, in medical emergencies, or projects that may educate people through enriching content.

Consider becoming a monthly donor

Our ongoing missions are possible through the generosity of our recurring donor base. It’s the way we know how many projects we can sustainably support. If you become a monthly donor of even $5/mo, it helps us keep providing continous support for those who seriously need our help. God bless you!

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Contributing even $5 per month makes a huge difference when you consider the thousands of people that could be contributing the same amount. Just that amount can help us fund priests, nuns, orphanages, and more across the globe. Please consider supporting and praying for our mission.
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Since 2019, we have helped support thousands of people especially children in extreme poverty. Our goal is to support those most in need.

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children supported and cared for through our donors support.
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children helped through education, faith formation, and tuition coverage.


That’s the number of Catholics we reach across the globe through online channels because of the Catholic community that helps share and empower our mission.


of our executive staff is not paid, we believe in this mission.

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