Fighting poverty with faith

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Fighting poverty with faith

Fighting poverty with faith

Who do you turn to when you yearn for something that isn’t within your reach? It is the poor who turn to God the most; they believe that praying to Him would help them solve their economic woes.
On the other hand, many devout Catholics who are well off are expected to donate graciously to the church to help the poor. Every Catholic must help those that need help at all times. For Catholics there are many Catholic charities to donate to, what matters is what these charities do that help the poor.

How charities are uplifting society

Poverty is the biggest challenge that plagues our society. The poor are either too much in debt, have no means to work, are not fit to work, or have an income that isn’t enough to sustain themselves.
Charities know this and are doing all they can to help people in need. Across the world, there are Catholic and non-Catholic charities, governments, NGOs, and even individuals who work towards feeding the hungry, giving vocational training to disadvantaged members of society, and helping fund and heal the poor who do not have the means to pay for their treatment.

How do these charities fundraise?

Some charities get regular donations from well-to-do donors. Some of these donors donate shares, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, or property from where the organizations get their regular funds. Other Catholic charities get funds from donors who donate sporadically, while yet others carry on their work as and when they have the funds to do so.
Sometimes, those intending to donate are confused with the sheer amount of charities asking for money. Here is where you can donate to a charity that collects funds from you and distributes the money to other charities that work towards uplifting the poor.
For many, it is the faith they have in God that motivates them to donate. Many church-led charities exist that work for the betterment of society. Many other religious institutions also have charities that work toward helping the poor. Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs have their own charities that help feed the hungry, provide shelter to the homeless, care for the sick or give jobs/vocational training to the poor.
They all have one motive- fighting poverty with faith. Eradicating poverty from the world isn’t simple, but we have to join hands to get this done.

How can you make a difference?

It is not only about donating money that could help the poor. You could pray for them, volunteer at a local NGO, or even help charities get financial aid from various sources.
Here at the Catholic Connect Foundation, we collect funds and distribute them to charities across the world. Before giving aid, we vet each charity to make sure your money goes to the right people. We help parish priests and charities in places as far as Papua New Guinea to Brazil to Africa.
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