How education and aid can help reduce poverty

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More than 600 million people are living in poverty worldwide. They face immense hardships to survive- many are deep in debt, others struggle to provide for their families with two square meals a day while yet others are forced to skip their education to work for their family. Whatever their reasons, remaining in poverty can be a vicious cycle. Unless help is provided through emergency relief fund donations or regular donations, it is very difficult for these people to come out of poverty.

The current state of education

Every child deserves a good quality education. Educated people are far less likely to remain poor. Education helps children face the realities of life, it is the base for a brighter future. Many countries across the world promote education amongst the poor by offering free study materials, uniforms, and midday meals. This incentivizes parents to make sure their children get a good education.

Despite this, the quality of education provided in government schools in many developing countries is not up to the mark. Sometimes, there is only one teacher for more than 100 students. In other places, the school’s physical infrastructure is woefully inadequate. The lack of sanitation facilities discourages girls to attend school. Also, some students have to walk for hours to reach the nearest school.

How charities are helping

Charities and NGOs the world over are doing all they can to help the poor get a good quality education. Some sponsor the kid’s midday meals while others set up schools in remote regions so that local children do not have to walk for hours to reach school.

This is no easy task though. Charities have to run fundraisers to collect money that will help them achieve their goals. Many a time, they do find big donors who help them cover the costs for quite some time. Other charities aren’t that fortunate.

However, there are many Catholic charities to donate to. At the Catholic Connect Foundation, all the proceeds are distributed amongst like-minded charities and parishes that work for the betterment of society.

For example, our priests Fr. Tomas Ravaioli and Fr. Martin are doing all they can to help parishioners in remote villages in Papua New Guinea. Here, they have established schools and other social infrastructure for the locals. They bought medical help for the children who were prone to waterborne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, etc. With their hard work, these people have hope in the undeveloped region of Papua New Guinea.

Besides this, the Catholic Connect Foundation helps other charities work towards eradicating hunger. It supports initiatives in countries as diverse as Brazil, the USA, Somalia, and many more.

How you can help

Just like any feed the hungry organization, you can donate money to the Catholic Connect Foundation. Even a small $15 monthly donation would do, it would help to feed some hungry mouths or sponsor a child’s education. For this, you get the goodwill of the beneficiary and the blessings of God.

Let’s pray for those who volunteer on the front line and ask God to bless us so that we can wipe out poverty across the world.

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