What causes poverty in the Middle East?

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The Middle East is rich in resources, history, and intense rivalry. This, mostly arid region is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and communities mostly dominated by Muslims. Though countries in the region like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran have significant oil and gas reserves, this region is also one of the most unequal regions in the entire world.

High population growth, immigration, scarce resources, internal strife, communalism, and many more reasons have made it almost impossible for many to come out of poverty. We need to help people in need, many of these people yearn for help but do not get it from anywhere.

Challenges faced by the poor in the Middle East

Corruption- Deeply entrenched corruption in the government and other organizations means the poor do not get the basic civic services that they require. This could include social security benefits, utilities, and other services. For instance, they cannot get their basic civic services like birth registrations, death registrations, applications for governmental assistance, and even quality healthcare and education services.

Poor infrastructure- Though many countries in the region like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE have world-class infrastructure, other countries in the region are not that fortunate. Countries like Yemen, Syria, and Iraq do not have the infrastructure that supports their population. This means overcrowded schools and hospitals that do not provide the quality services as expected.

Radicalization- When the government turns a blind eye to the needs of the poor, many of them get disillusioned by the government and turn to radical outfits like Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others. Radicalization then further creates a law and order challenge in the region in the form of terrorism and civil war, as we saw in Syria and Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution that pushed the region into further chaos.

Limited class mobility- In many countries in the Middle East, a lack of opportunities to come out of poverty means generations and generations of the poor remain poor. Other factors like discrimination, unemployment, lack of vocational training, and inflation force the poor to remain poor. Things are changing though, with the help of Feed the hungry organizations like the Catholic Connect Foundation.

Continuous conflict- We all have seen how countries in the Arab world have suffered civil war due to the Arab Spring revolution. Syria, Yemen, and Egypt have been the most affected countries. To date, there is a constant civil war between the government forces and rebels in these countries. Many people have fled these countries, and are living in poverty as refugees. Those who stayed back don’t have access to quality healthcare and education while earning a livelihood is quite challenging due to the overall devastation.

Lingering effects of the pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic two years ago created even more challenges for the poor. Many of the sick did not receive medical care at the right time while there was an increase in Child Hunger in Middle East. In many countries in the Middle East, the rate of vaccination has been quite slow, leaving many poor vulnerable to this disease. Add expensive healthcare to the mix and the poor in the Middle East are more vulnerable than ever.

In the end

Though some countries in the Middle East like the UAE, Israel, and Qatar are highly developed, there is a great disparity between the haves and haves not here. Getting out of poverty is increasingly challenging for the poor there, they need our help immediately. At the Catholic Connect Foundation, we do all we can to help those in need. Donate now and get the lifelong blessings of God and the poor.

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