4 reasons that lead to hunger and poverty

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4 reasons that lead to hunger and poverty
How long can you stay hungry? What would you do if you had no or limited access to food? Can’t think of a day like that, right?
Unfortunately, there are millions of people worldwide who don’t know where their next meal will come from. Primarily, poverty is attributed as the main cause for this, and rightly so- If you don’t have money, you aren’t in a position to eat well, ultimately resulting in hunger.
What happens when you face a hunger for no reason of yours? Yes, this happens and we’ll see how.


What do you do when the cost of daily essentials skyrockets overnight? Hyperinflation like this happens due to bad policy decisions by governments, resulting in a debt trap. It can take quite some time for the situation to ease, but with limited incomes and sky-high prices of essentials, this eventually leads to food shortages and hunger. Currently, Sri Lanka is facing such a situation.
Keeping inflation in check can take some time. Those who have the means, flee abroad while those who can’t ration their meals which eventually leads to hunger. In this situation, many people then depend on donations and charity to survive. There are many Feed the Hungry organizations that support people in such countries during their difficult times.

War and conflict

The current Russia-Ukraine war is also causing food shortages worldwide. Both Ukraine and Russia are major wheat, barley, and fertilizer exporters. Due to the war, farmers are missing their harvests and critical sowing seasons. Due to inconsistent input supply, fertilizer manufacturing has also taken a hit in Europe, giving a cascading effect to the world’s food supply. Eventually, the most affected would be the poor, who have to deal with high prices of food with their limited incomes.

Political reasons

Sometimes, trade in essential foodstuff is curtailed due to political reasons. If there has been some dispute about something between two countries, the exporting country may stop the export of essential food and other resources to the importing country, resulting in price rise of essentials and inflation. In this situation, it is the poor who suffer the most where food shortages result in hunger.

Lack of market regulation

Sometimes there are food shortages even if there is enough for everyone. Some traders resort to hoarding goods and selling them at inflated prices. This results in artificial scarcity of the commodity in the market.
If the local government doesn’t take timely action, these traders will resort to anything to mint money while the poor have to skip meals and remain hungry due to artificially increased prices. Another way traders create scarcity is by exporting foodstuff that was bound for the local markets. If the traders get a better price for exports, they divert foodgrains for export while creating an artificial scarcity locally. When the government does not regulate the markets well, this could result in food shortages in the local market.

How to help these people?

Though much of these issues can be solved at the governmental level, not all of these challenges can be solved by policymakers. That’s why the Catholic Connect Foundation raises funds and aid to help people combat hunger in their bad times.
Donations are welcome from anyone. Donate to people in need and get the lifelong blessings of God.

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