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Your company may match your donation to our nonprofit foundation!
Did you know that thousands of companies match donations by employees to our organization? Within the last 12 months these matching gift programs helped us identify over $100,000 of donations that qualify to be doubled!

Your donation helps us secure our
efforts toward helping the needy

When you donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other valuable cryptocurrencies, you are securing our efforts towards providing the basic essentials of life or essentials for the needy. Crypto donations help us sponsor the education of more children, help us to give aid to more families, or help us feed more hungry people than we can with our existing donations.

For us, crypto donations can help us tide those times when we’ve received fewer donations than expected. What’s more, your crypto donations are usually tax-free. Whenever we monetize these donations, the realised funds are used towards many causes, giving you greater blessings than you expected.
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Donor angels help us keep advancing our mission

Our donor angels help us keep advancing our mission by contributing to the current and future projects we support across the world. The more donor angels we have, the more we can do. Your monthly donation is very much appreciated and used wisely to advance our charitable and humanitarian projects across the world.
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Monetary Donations

Any monetary donation helps further our mission to help charitable and humanitarian projects across the world.

Amazon Smile

Amazon donates any time that you shop at Amazon through their link, so be sure to shop through there and select us as your charity of choice.

Asset Stocks

By donating stocks, real estate, adding us on your will, or any other type of asset donation, you can help further and expand our mission for the ong term.

Request Information To Donate Stocks Or Other Types Of Assets.

It could include assets held in a brokerage trading account or Bonds, Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Fixed Income investments, Used Cars, Gifts of Real Estate, Gifts of Insurance, Gift of a Closely Held Business, etc.

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