7 ways you can help the homeless

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7 ways you can help the homeless
Due to a mix of reasons- skyrocketing rent, lack of a support system, health issues, job loss, and other reasons can make any person homeless. These people need urgent help-they need temporary accommodation and emergency relief services for the time being. Many Catholic nonprofits work towards helping the homeless, providing them temporary accommodation or vocational training to help them stand on their own feet.
Anyways, many of these nonprofits regularly require help. This could be in various ways like-
Donate clothes- Nonprofit-run homeless shelters always need new or gently-used clothes. Many homeless people come in rags or do not have enough clothes to withstand the cold, rain, or snow. There are always clothes you might have that you haven’t worn in a while, or have outgrown. It’s best to give them to someone who can use them the best.
Donate furniture- If you have some chairs, tables, beds, or other furniture that you intend to replace or have no use of, it is best to donate it to a nearby homeless shelter. However, make sure the furniture is in usable condition or if they could use it after some repairs.
Volunteer in your spare time- You could help homeless shelters in many ways. You could help them with admin work, advocate for their cause or help them feed the homeless as and when they arrive.
Help them fundraise- Fundraising is a constant challenge for homeless shelters. Many times people are confused as to which Catholic charity to donate to. Here is where you can offer your services and help them make an informed decision.
Bring them food- You could buy the homeless some food. For homeless shelters, arranging for food is a recurring challenge. If you have spare funds, you could use them to buy the homeless some food. This would give you the Blessings of God as well as those hungry mouths you choose to feed.
Donate to them- Besides food, you could donate funds to them. Yes, the amount may not be enough for them, but at least it’ll help them feed someone. Giving your hard-earned money to help someone in need earns you a lot of goodwill from all quarters.
Help the vulnerable- Homelessness affects teens and the elderly the most. Many a time, they have to scavenge to survive, some will even have rotten food to feed themselves. Homeless teens can survive when they are given the right guidance, vocational training, and help to make sure they do not take the wrong path. The elderly might have additional health issues, which they either ignore till they become serious or ask for help as soon as possible. As a responsible member of society, you can direct the homeless to emergency shelters so that they can get the aid they desperately need.

In the end

Whatever the reason for homelessness, every Catholic has to help these people in need. The Catholic Connect Foundation raises funds and aid to help people in need. These funds are then distributed to charities that work with the homeless and other people.
You too can contribute to helping those in need. Donate to the Catholic Connect Foundation and get the Blessings of God.

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