How can mankind end poverty?

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How can mankind end poverty?

Eradicating poverty is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. Poverty has existed in human society since ancient times and is not only about a lack of income. Experts agree that poverty is about a lack of access to basic human resources like food, education, healthcare, sanitation, and most importantly, a consistent income to sustain oneself and one’s family. It is impossible to end poverty only by one entity or person. Poverty is a multifaceted challenge that requires the collective efforts of all stakeholders to help people in need. For mankind to end poverty, we have to collaborate with governments, NGOs, MNCs, economists, and other professionals to create a society and economy where everyone has fair access to basic human resources and can help people sustain themselves through agriculture, industry, or by any other means.

8 effective ways mankind can end poverty

Implement sustained economic growth policies and programs- To reduce poverty, governments, NGOs, and other like-minded organizations should invest in people development. This could be in basic human infrastructures like housing, toilets, schools, roads, communication, and other infrastructure that can boost economic growth and lift people out of poverty.

Improve management of food, water, and other resources- With the help of feed the hungry organization and other like-minded NGOs, you can donate to help them invest in the management and distribution of food, water, and other resources to everyone across all geographies.

Invest in the development of agriculture- One major reason for poverty is poor harvests combined with inflation and lack of access to agricultural know-how. When we can help poor communities in rural areas to stand on their own feet with good harvests and good remuneration for their efforts, we help people come out of poverty.

Encourage fair trade practices to boost employment- Many a time, due to unfair trade practices, prices of domestically-produced food and goods cannot compete with cheaper foreign goods. Governments should encourage the poor to produce local goods and export them while cheaper imports should be discouraged.

Improve access to jobs- Government institutions, NGOs and private entities should train poor youth in skills that can help them stand on their own feet. This could be vocational training for jobs in agriculture, industry, or services.

Provide everyone with basic social services- Many people remain poor because they do not have access to good schools, healthcare, or family planning. By constructing schools, hospitals, and related infrastructure in rural or backward areas, you help the poor access services that help their well-being and encourage them to fend for themselves. Sometimes, such services are available at a high cost, providing healthcare, education, sanitation, housing, electricity, and other services at an affordable cost can help reduce the burden of debt on poor households.

Provide access to technology and innovation- There are millions of people in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa who do not have access to a reliable supply of electricity. Even though they are connected to the electricity grid, the power supply is erratic and comes for only a few hours a day. Governments have to work together with NGOs and other like-minded entities to provide off-grid renewable sources of energy and technology that can help poor rural communities sustain themselves. This could mean irrigation systems, pest- and drought-resistant crops, and other such innovations at affordable rates.

Provide fair access to goods and services- Governments, NGOs, and private institutions should work together to provide food, clothing, shelter, electricity, healthcare, and other basic services at a price that is affordable to the poor. There should be no price barriers for the jump across for people to access these basic human necessities.

Last words

We must help those in need. We have to work together to help end poverty and suffering worldwide. Here at the Catholic Connect Foundation, we collect funds from Catholics and others and act as a Catholic donation center to fund like-minded NGOs working for noble causes to end poverty and suffering.

Even a small $15 monthly donation can help those in need. Donate now and earn the blessings of God.

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