How Fr Martin is Helping People in Papua New Guinea

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How Fr. Martin is helping people in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s most disadvantaged nations. Despite having abundant natural resources, most of the population lives in poverty. Tropical diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, diarrhea, and other communicable diseases are rampant. Medical facilities are concentrated in the urban areas, the poor from far-flung rural areas have to trek for miles to reach the nearest hospital. Most people in this country survive on subsistence agriculture and forest produce. They do not have access to resources in the case they fall sick or need urgent medical attention.

Many NGOs and foreign charities like the Catholic Connect Foundation work with these improvized communities to help them raise their standard of living to a respectable position.

What causes poverty in Papua New Guinea?

Due to the remote and inaccessible terrain of the country, even basic resources like food, clothing, and electricity are in short supply. Transport and communication are not well developed here. In fact, World Bank statistics predict only about 40 percent of the people living in the countryside have access to electricity. What makes matters worse, only about 8 percent of rural areas have access to proper sanitation.

This remote landscape, coupled with a lack of basic necessities, also means poor rural communities lack access to basic education facilities.

Add to that a nearly-absent administration, where all the funds meant for the poor are siphoned off by public officials, and you have another reason for a vicious cycle of poverty.

How have people helped?

Ever since the island and archipelago of Papua New Guinea were discovered, Christian missionaries have tried their best to help the local population become self-sufficient in their daily needs. Many Catholic Missionaries founded Orders of Nuns and priests who worked for the causes of the poor and needy.

These missionaries converted most of the population to Christianity; even today, many churches and church organizations are working towards uplifting the poor and needy. The locals in Papua New Guinea saw many war crimes during the Second World War, where many foreign priests and local clergy were interned in the forests. After liberation, they continued working for the betterment of Papuan society.

What the Catholic Connect Foundation is doing to help?

The Catholic Connect Foundation, through the services of parishioners like Father Martin, is helping young minds develop physically and spiritually to become self-sufficient in the future.

These children have many things against them- lack of employment opportunities, lack of healthcare, sanitation, potable water, and so on.

These priests help people in need by raising funds and resources for them. One of their urgent needs of concern is the painful blisters on their skin. Most of the kids ignore the pain, Father Martin and Father Tomas are doing all they can to help these kids.

These Argentinian priests need your help. Remember them in your prayers. The Catholic Connect Foundation is one of the Catholic charities to donate to that helps the disadvantaged live a respectable life.

To start with, even a small $15 donation made every month can help treat the blisters of the kids in PNG or feed many hungry mouths. Donate now and earn God’s blessings. .

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